Alberta was born in the small town of Zanesville in Southeastern Ohio.  She is the middle child in a family of twelve children.  Growing up with loving parents, eight brothers, three sisters, numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins, has had a great deal of influence on her work.  Alberta's paintings take you on a fun loving journey into yesteryear where wholesome family living was the focus of everyday life.
In the mid 80's a close family friend presented Alberta with canvas and paints, along with the request that she paint her home.  Until this time, Alberta had expressed her artistic creativity in wood carvings and craft items.  After her youngest of four boys began school, Alberta was able to dedicate more time towards a developing her artistic ability.  Her desire to be "at home" for Norm, her husband, her four sons Brian, Matt, Adam and Joshua became a motivating factor for opening her studio in their home.  Alberta moved her supplies into Norm's home office and established what is now "Mom's Place", her studio and office for her business, SMALLTOWN
Through a primitive style and the medium of acrylic, Alberta shares with us the joy of each new day and the beauty of the seasons.  Many of her ideas are drawn from childhood memories, places she has lived, vacationed or everyday family life experiences. One can see her great love of life, from her dogs and many animals and people depicted in her work.  Scenes from various lifetime events such as Halloween, Independence Day parades, family picnics or shopping on the streets of small towns are brought to life.  Whether it be the colorful quilts hanging on the line, ice skating on the backyard pond or a family celebration, Alberta's style invites you to become a part of the painting and share with her life as she remembers it.
"When someone looks at my work and smiles, I know that they are seeing the same things I do when painting; memories, a child's joy and simple pleasures in a small town setting."

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